Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random Vegan Observations

1. My cat is far more interested in vegan food than she ever was with our omnivorous diet. She attempts to jump on the table during dinner, which she has always been extremely obedient about.

2. I can no longer text The Dad at noon and say "forgot to take meat out of freezer, you pick restaurant." Which means A: we have to plan our eating out (not only because I have no excuse not to cook but WHERE does a Vegan Chicago Southsider eat aside from Jason's Deli?) and B: we save a ton of cash.

3. People REALLY do say "Where do you get your protein?" Are you kidding? Really?

4. No, my children are NOT starving. No, my children are NOT malnourished. They eat more of our vegan dinners than they ever did of our omni dinners (unless of course it was pizza, burgers, or spaghetti & meatballs, which of course we have veganized and they love just as much). Just as BV (before Vegan), they are actually eating more than just dinner on a daily basis *gasp*! Yes, that means they eat breakfast and lunch as well as a few snacks.

5. It's as though I've had to teach myself how to cook all over again. Since January 11 we have had maybe 10 repeats. MAYBE.

6. You can veganize ANYTHING! :D