Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MIA but still Vegan!

"We are here, we are here, WE ARE HERE!" Cried the 6 newly vegans down in veganville.

Yes, I've been gone a while and for that, I apologize. I'm rather angry at myself since I now probably won't remember where all the recipes came from and we've had some really good ones. I've still photographed every meal and will post the best looking foods.

I cheated. Yes, you heard me right. I cheated. I cheated pretty bad and boy oh boy did I pay. I ate a Spinach & Artichoke souffle from Panera along with a Bear Claw. My tummy did not enjoy all that cheese & egg. Good news? The sight of meat absolutely repulses me now. Maybe that's not good news LOL, but I no longer crave anything meaty. I do, however, consistently crave something bad. Nothing in particular, just bad. Maybe, cheesecake? Maybe, something really greasy, I mean really greasy. Maybe molten lava chocolate cake (I did find an amazing chocolate pie recipe, though)? It's really nothing specific, but I do have a slight bad girl tendency so maybe that's just it. Just bad.

I have decided that we are in this for the long haul, however. The kids are used to it now, and in the grocery store they will bring me items and ask "Is this vegan, mom?" We are finding more and more items that they really enjoy. Kid 3 is still the toughest customer.

Without further ado, the photos. . .

black bean buyga and homemade steak fries

chocolate ganache pie

citrusy tempeh pasta (really wish I could remember where this one was from because it was AWESOME)

mushroom, spinach, and sun-dried tomato risotto

chicken fried seitan, mashed potatoes, corn, and sauteed greens

veganized shepards pie (Kid 1 LOVED this one)

Spaghetti Pie and "Meatballs" via Vegan & So Forth. Instead of pureed carrot in the sauce, I used pureed sweet potato. 

Cherry Creme Cuppers from VCTOTW YUM!!

"chuna" sammies and spinach/mushroom tofu fritatta 

White pizza with a vegan garlic sauce and no cheese. Loaded with spinach, baby bellas, broccoli, and sun-dried tomatoes. 

Maybe I'll be back to posting regularly ;)


  1. You should post regularly! It's SO adorable that your kids are asking you if stuff in the grocery store is vegan.

    As for you "cheating" it's probably better as a learning experience :) What I find has helped me for the past five years is keeping some good vegan frozen dessert and sugar cones on hand. The health food store near my house sells different varieties of these too:

    ^^They're nice to have when you REALLY want something decadent but don't want to actually bake something. You need it now.

    Everything you made looks wonderful, the citrusy tempeh pasta looks like a good way to get into the spring mood.

  2. Wow, I guess I'm really behind. I'm really behind on posting, too. I forget what food is what, too, where I got the recipes, etc. Glad you tried the meatballs! You're doing so amazing. No wonder your kids are happy being vegan; it looks like you're a great vegan cook right off the bat!