Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Like Pie.

Do you have kids? Do they constantly say to you "I like pie."? So nonchalant-like and repeat over and over and over and over and over? Sigh. Mine do. Mainly Kids 1 & 2. I don't get it. Is it some fad saying? Is it from a tv show? Not having cable, we are out of the loop on a ton of stuff.

I really do like pie. My favorite dessert pie is my Auntie Athletic's famous blueberry pie. Honestly, I could eat a whole one in just one tiny sitting. It's amazing. I've never been one to make pies often, however. I've dabbled, though. I've made apple, pumpkin, chocolate, and pecan (mine totally rocked, BTW). Do you remember yesterday when I said

"Naw, I really don't wanna roll out any dough today (or any day for that matter.)"  

HA! Guess what I did today, folks? I made my very first from scratch pie crust. A vodka pie crust, none-the-less. Doesn't that sound so fancy schmancy? I used this recipe and shockingly, I didn't change a thing. 

I wasn't interested in making a sweet pie. I wanted dinner pie. Comfort food on this snowy chilly day. Vegetable Pot Pie, true to form, I switched this one up a bit. I used sweet potatoes instead of white, and for the rest of the veggies I used: green beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, corn, carrots, and parsnips. This thing is huge! The directions for the sauce on the recipe are pretty vague, I used fresh rosemary & thyme, sage, teeny pinch of dill, marjoram, and pepper.  I completely omitted the cheese as I thought that was just odd. . . 

I stir fried the veggies first.

Mmm. Green beans & broc.

Bottom pie crust in place & ready to rock.

Sauce is added. 

Top crust is sportin' some polkas!!

Post baking. I got the impression from the crust recipe that I should handle very delicately. The crust did not burn and since I have a crap camera, you can't really tell that the darker areas are more like speckles. It was either Earth Balance or shortening that didn't get blended completely. At least that's my guess. Flaky? Heck Yes!! Delish? You betcha!

On my plate with fork placed "just so" by Kid 4.

I'm shocked at this vote. Truly shocked. Only 1 thumbs down? Really? That is Kid 3, by the way. Kids 1, 2, & 4 all voted halfsies. Huh. You wouldn't have figured that by the looks of their plates an hour later. Kids 1 & 2 struggled TERRIBLY with this meal. Kid 4 requested it for lunch tomorrow. Maybe the fact that I was reading them familiar names from this list is what got them through the last 20 minutes. Is your favorite celebrity on that list? Check it out, you might be surprised! 

How did Mama & The Dad like the meal? It was great! The Dad was pleasantly surprised as I had no idea he was expecting it to taste like slop. He loved it. A lot. I loved it, as well. It needed just a little somethin' extra. I couldn't place it, The Dad handed me the pepper and BINGO! Perfection, folks. I think the kids will come around on this one, eventually, so it's a keeper. 


  1. Wow, the veggies inside that pie crust look beautiful! I'm really impressed with how great you're doing only one month into this! (like the chik'n fried steak - yum!) I think you're cooking better than me, as a 17 year vegan!

  2. Those veggies were soooo yummy!!! Thank you so much for the great compliment! It's sooo much work and really hard to gauge what the kids will like, but we'll figure it all out soon enough. 17 years!!! Awesome!!! Can you suggest any truly kid friendly recipes? I'm sure, though, it's different in your house as your kids have always been vegan, right?