Monday, January 24, 2011

Other Meals

We've talked a lot about dinners, but what are we eating for breakfast, lunch, and snacks? Last weekend I made some delightful pancakes, yet again from Skinny Bitch 'The Ultimate Everyday Cookbook' the Maple and Apple Cinnamon Pancakes. They were DELICIOUS!!! On school days, however, we rely on oatmeal, fresh fruit, soy yogurt, and smoothies (which I lace with Flax meal, shhhh, they have no clue). We need to find some dry cereal that everyone can agree on.

School lunches are a little more challenging as we used to do turkey sandwiches, yogurt, applesauce, and crackers. Kids 3 & 4 have discovered  a true love for Almond Butter and Organic Jam sandwiches. Kid 1 adores sliced vegan cheese (vegan gourmet) on bread. Kid 2 is giving me a run for my creative money, however. Maybe this week I'll toss in a SmartDog. So along with their sandwiches, I've been putting in tons of carrot sticks (went through a 5lb bag in 4 days), organic applesauce, some grapes or other fresh fruit, and tortilla chips. I wish I could find a soy yogurt that comes in smaller packaging than the typical cup. Kid 1 tried the SmartDeli Roasted Turkey and was not impressed. Kid 4 loves the mac & teese from the other night and that was lunch today along with a banana and grapes.

I've also made some amazing breads/muffins that I've managed to keep on hand. The Banana Zucchini Bread seems to be everyone's favorite and I really should make some today as the last of it was inhaled yesterday. I've made 3 batches of it thus far and majority prefers them in muffin form. I also made Blueberry Crumb muffins, which were amazing!!! I altered it slightly by only using 1/2 C sugar, making it into a coffee cake, and again adding flax meal.

The Dad and I rely solely on leftovers, which work wonderfully. Right now I'm munching on last nights dinner, even better warmed up. The Dad made himself a wacky burrito consisting of coconut rice, the barley & beans, & salsa. Aside from a date lunch on the 14th, we haven't eaten out since January 2. We are definitely getting the most out of our groceries and our meals.

Weekend lunches are easier since we can do leftovers from the week, but a lot of times the kids graze all day. Lots of cutup fruit and veggies round these parts.

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