Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Vegan Pizza Night!!!

Technically, Vegan Pizza Day is next Saturday, which also happens to be my birthday. We decided to give it a go tonight, however. Here are the toppings in all their glory. Forgot to photograph the tomato, Daiya Mozzarella shred,  & giardinera, oops.

I used this dough recipe and it came out perfect! It was just enough for 6 personal pizzas!! The Dad was at the doctor with Kid 1 & Kid 2 so Kids 3 & 4 and myself ate without them. 

Kid 3 is the one on the right. You can't really see it, but she made a smiley face out of green pepper and black olives. Kid 4 went for cheese only.

Post bake.

Mine. Yum!!! The only item I didn't add was the tomato. I didn't put a whole lotta cheese on there, either. But, I did add some nutritional yeast for good measure. 

Mama's post bake. Soooo, the cheese was kinda funky. The flavor was spot on, but the texture was interesting. It melted as it was supposed to but it was maybe a little too gooey? I'm glad I didn't put a ton on. And, I was really impressed with the sausage! I crumbled and browned it before putting it on my raw pizza. The flavor was mild but it very reminiscent of real sausage. The texture was just ever so slightly less than perfect, not really mushy, but not really firm like real sausage.

Finally The Dad and Kids 1 & 2 return and it's time for them to create.

Kid 1, cheese and green pepper. Kid 2, sauce and a hint of cheese. Booooorrriiiinngggg! 

Post bake Kid 1, Kid 2. 

The Dad's. He got all fancy pants and added fresh pineapple. Yum. 

And, finally, Mr. Fancypants post bake. 

This was great!!! Do you see that? Up there? The thumb picture? Yeah baby!! Only 1 thumb down! And, no, it wasn't Kid 3!!! It was Kid 1, but Kid 1 is sick (strep) and can't swallow a gersh dern thang. Kid 1 claimed the cheese was pasty. Then stormed off and said (or rather whispered due to the sick factor and can't really talk) "I hate being vegan!" Everyone else, however scarfed it all down. Granted, this wasn't the healthiest meal as there really was no real nutritional value, but they are coming around. 

Oh! And, desert was SO Delicious Coconut Almond Coconut Milk frozen bars & Tofutti Cuties. Both of these are AWESOME!!! 

I would really love some input if there is anyone out there reading. Would it be horrid to let each child bring back one non-vegan item into their lives? I'm thinking it might help them adjust easier and make them feel apart of this radical (for us) change. 


  1. I think that is a great idea. It would give your kids a sense of control over the situation, getting to make that choice and prioritize what their favorite old food was. It could just be used as a rare treat and something to be phased out eventually, kind of like a transition thing.

    My kids are allowed to be "just vegetarian" while they are out. This means they can have the cake and ice cream at their friend's birthday, or the occasional slice of cheese pizza at school. This way they don't feel like an oddball when they are at school or with their friends, and they get to have those foods every now and then.

  2. I LOVE the "just vegetarian" idea. We did tell them when this started, that they could eat what they want when they are not here (they are here the majority of the time and I pack their school lunches). But, I'm thinking that it will just confuse them and remind them, even, of how much they loved meat and animal products.