Sunday, January 23, 2011

Soba Noodle Stir Fry

So, of course I had TONS of veggies left over from Vegan Pizza Night since the kids didn't use much. What to do, what to do? I had some soba noodles and have been dying to try them, so what better way to utilize everything than a grand stir-fry. I based it on this recipe, but completely disregarded the veggies and threw in what I had along with 2 portobello mushrooms.  I also added some chicken seitan for added nutrition ;).

The texture of the chicken seitan was delightful! Had I "browned" it on it's own, it would have been perfect. I didn't add the cayenne, so the flavor was extremely mild.

The noodles shocked me. I hate wheat noodles, I know, I know. . . But, really I despise them. The flavor is too much or not enough. Hmmm Sadly, when I was about 10, a friend of the family ruined me for whole wheat anything. She made whole wheat pancakes for breakfast one morning and I just couldn't handle it. Guess it's time to get the heck over that, eh? The soba were different, though. I suppose it's the buckwheat in there. I LOVED them!! I could eat them plain ;). The Dad loved the noodles, too. For the most part, the kids really liked the noodles.

Kid 1 isn't feeling well, so not much was consumed, gave a halfsies. Kid 2 loved the noodles and the broccoli, gave a halfsies. Kid 3, here is a great surprise, hated it (in my best Men on Film sing songy voice), and therefore gave the only thumbs down. Kid 4 loved the noodles and the broccoli, as well, another halfsies. Mama and The Dad both gave thumbs up. My thumb looks really odd in this picture. Kinda like a little piglet. Weird. Mine is the one in the back on the right.

Tomorrow we're going to go with an old standby veganized. . .

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