Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Na-Cho Mama's Dinner!

Today was a rather soupy day. I was in the kitchen all morning making these gems:

Mmmmm Butternut Squash Soup With Poppy Seeds (sans poppy seeds) from 'Skinny Bitch The Ultimate Everyday Cookbook'

Sooo delish!!! Creamy Broccoli-White Bean Soup from Whole Living. The only subs I made here was I made my own non-chicken chicken stock, no parm, and no pine nuts. 

I made full batches of both of these soups and The Dad and I only tested them. The rest, I've frozen into individual portions to make lunch easy for the two of us. The kids still aren't really sold on soup. Soon they will realize what the heck they have been missing.

As for tonight's meal, I'm going to show you thumbs first. Yeah, goin' against the grain a bit here, folks. 

Oh my stars!!! Do you see that? No, sillies! Not the mutant thumb maneuver at 9 o'clock! All six thumbs are in the "thumbs-up" formation!! Yeah! That's right!!! Kid 4 even knowingly ate a black bean and made a rather formal announcement to the table "The beans are good!" And ate almost all of the beans that were on said child's plate!! Kid 3 in turn, tried them and said "They are too sweet." MmmmHmmm. Nice try. My kids HATE beans. Or at least they think they hate beans as they've NEVER and I mean NEVER given them a fair shake. So, what the heck did we eat? 

That, my loyal readers, is Vegan Gal's Nacho Bake. Due to my concern with the whole bean thang, I also "browned" 12oz of Smart Ground. The Dad and myself love a little spice, so after all was said and done, we added jalapeƱos and hot sauce. Yowzer!!! It was great! 

Kid 4 has been "setting" the table as of late, you know, bringing everyone's plate to them, handing out the cups, and placing the utensils just "so". Please take note of how delicately my fork is placed on my plate. Kid 4 did this for everyone. So fun. 

Phew. Another meal, another winner. Now, what the heck do I make tomorrow?????

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