Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baked Ziti HA!

Looks as though we've found another winner, folks!! On the East Coast, we call penne pasta, ziti. Did you know there is no ziti in the Chicago area? None. Weird. Kinda like the whole hoagie, grinder, sub thing.

Tonight I wanted to try something that everyone loved as omnis in hopes of successfully veganizing it. It worked!!! I'm jumping for joy!!! I made this but I only used 1 can of tomato paste and used 1/2 C of sweet potato puree and a 15oz can of tomato sauce. I figured I'd add lycopene as opposed to just water and wine. I also added garlic and basil. I used the Boca ground crumbles for the meat. Served with a boring salad of romaine and carrots. ;)

Kid 1 went back for fourths, okay I'll admit, that's rather glutinous. Kid 2 went for seconds. Kid 3 is a different story as Kid 3 doesn't like tomato sauce. I made Kid 3 a special plate of plain pasta and the browned "meat". Kid 3 didn't like the "meat". Kid 4 had seconds!

I would like to talk about fake meat for a minute. I'm hoping to sometime in the very near future get rid of the store bought fake meat products. Even though it is aimed at vegans/vegetarians it is STILL processed. I think, however, for this journey we are on, it is necessary at first. Like I've said before, we ate meat at every meal. Sure, we ate veggies at every meal as well. The veggies were all run of the mill veggies, though. I never forced the kids to eat beans or try tofu or squash. It was always corn, green beans, broccoli, salads. I think the homemade seitan is going to be a great staple, just need to find other ways to cook it.

And, on that note, I desperately wanted Chicken Noodle soup today. I mean in a big bad way. So, I attempted to make some and I came pretty darn close!

I couldn't find a recipe that sounded right so I did it myself! Maybe I'll post the recipe ;) In my own bowl I added nutritional yeast and it was TO DIE FOR!!! Can one have too much NY? Gawd, I hope not! Although I think I read somewhere that too much would affect your liver. Hmm, maybe that was a dream. I've read far too much info lately. . .  Did you know that it turns your pee an electrifying fluorescent yellow?? Woo Hoo! Science experiment! 

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