Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A blizzard is the perfect excuse for. . .


Oh I loved Meat Loaf. I had 2 cousins that at the ripe ages of 3 & 4, maybe, that sang this song PERFECTLY!!! It was awesome!! 

So, we have a bit of snow. School was cancelled today and they've already cancelled it for tomorrow. That makes The Mama very happy as I looove snow days. They are a rarity round these parts since we have zero bused kids, all either walk or get driven. We haven't had this much snow in a long time. '99, apparently. I don't remember that, though. This amount of snow is what I grew up with in Massachusetts. LOVE IT!!! Kids are building forts, we walked up to Starbucks's and it's CLOSED, everything is closed and the roads aren't clear. It's a ghost town. 

What better thing to cook than a meatloaf? I used this recipe and the only thing I changed was that I omitted the lemon zest and I didn't put the ketchup on while cooking. Other than that, it's as is. I also roasted some 'shrooms, kinda following this, but I used Earth Balance and portobellos. I also did NOT chop my capers as I ADORE CAPERS. Very very very much and they should not be hurt. Chopping would hurt them and their flavor. Not nice. 

Meatloaf review: Eh. Just Eh. The Dad thought it was dry. The wheat gluten strings made it really tough. I don't think I blended it well as it was kinda crumbly. Next time I'll cook the carrots/celery longer and maybe toss everything in the food processor as opposed to doing it by hand. I don't think the wheat gluten was mixed right. It's really funny stuff to work with. Definitely will take some getting used to. I put the 'shrooms on top of mine and The Dad's loaf, and THEY WERE FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!! I will make these OFTEN! YUM! 

I served the meatloaf with romaine & kale and french fries tossed with olive oil and sea salt. Yum! The kids really did not like the meatloaf AT ALL and I really couldn't blame them tonight. No thumbs tonight. Here's how voting would've gone: The Dad & Mama Mango = halfsies (woah, that's a first!), all 4 kids = thumbs down. 

Lookie what I made for dessert!!! 

Brownie Sundae, dahhhlings!!! I used CherryBrook Kitchen Buster's Brownie Mix and Purely Decadent made with Coconut Milk Chocolate non-dairy frozen dessert. YUM!

In other news, Southwest Airlines is THE BEST! I was able to switch my flight from tomorrow morning (we all knew I wasn't going anywhere with all the current delays) to Monday morning and tack on a few extra days at NO EXTRA COST!!! Yippie!!! 


  1. This just made me want meat loaf more than anything in the multiverse. Your kids are lucky, I wish my mom would make me some vegan meat loaf! I'm only nineteen years old she should still totally be cooking every meal for me. I wish. HA!

  2. We've got enough to feed ya, come on down! ;)