Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Steaming Tender

Tonight, the boys (skiing Grampy and Uncle Auntie) were feeling a little veggied out so we went out to eat. We went to The Steaming Tender. I have been here before and they have the BEST fried clams.

Not this visit, though! This time I had an amazing Portobello Sandwich. Sooooo good!!! Auntie Athletic and Knitter Auntie both had Portobello Napoleons. I'm so porud! You will notice the thumbs picture. Only 3 thumbs although there were 8 of us. 3 of the 8 (all males) ate Ribs. The other 2 had either fried clams or fried scallops. Why didn't I photograph all 8 thumbs? Ummm, this is a vegan blog. No meat allowed.

The restaurant is in a renovated railroad station and is absolutely stunning. Sadly, I'm no photographer, even with a good camera, and I was unable to get a good photo. You can see the cool lines above, though. The ceilings are so high, I highly recommend you go to the website and poke around their photo gallery. Just stunning. 

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