Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's a Two-Fer!!

I'm rushing through this as I have to get to bed in order to make my plane tomorrow!! Yippie!!! I'm so excited to go home it's not even funny.

I am, however, starting to get nervous as I don't think I've ever been gone this long without the short ones. I'm really and truly going to miss them! And The Dad. Boy oh boy does he have his work cut out for him! Thankfully he'll be working from home, but he's not used to being responsible for ALL meals, dressing, grooming, homework, drop off/pick up (I better not come back to any tardies on their pristine record!!). Poor guy. ;) He's going to attempt to take over the blog while I'm away. I'm not holding my breath, however.

Saturday the kids spent the night at my mother's house kind of spur of the moment. We fed them before they went. Had to be quick and easy. Breakie for dinner, again! This time with strawberries, blueberries, and strawberry jam. Used Bisquick with EnerG Egg and Vanilla Silk. Kids loved 'em. No thumbs as we forgot, but I assure you, they were pleased.

Tonight was yet another pizza night. We were short on time, so I purchased the pizza dough from Trader Joe's. We used Daiya cheese, both mozzarella and cheddar this time. The kids each "decorated" one half of a pizza. 
Kids 1 & 2s pizza

Not sure if you noticed, but I sure did (only upon uploading these pictures, however). Both Kid 1 & Kid 2 are wearing the EXACT same clothes as yesterday. Hey! Nanny Noodle!! Did they even put on their pjs last night? Well, the secret is out. The oldest 2 are boys. Typical 10 & 12 year old smelly boys. Ugh.

Kids 3 & 4s pizza

The Dad and Is pizza

And, finally, thumbs. Pizza thumbs. 

I will see you all in exactly 1 week. Au Revoir! 

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  1. Well, it's good to know we're not the only ones who wear our clothes multiple days in a row! :) I've actually considered this before while taking pics for my blogs. I've been known to make them change their shirts just for the sake taking a picture.