Tuesday, February 8, 2011

While I'm away

the mice will play! The Dad and the Kids went out to dinner last night despite my hard work in preparing a COMPLETE daily menu.

I, on the other hand, cooked a delightful little Millet Bowl via Whole Living. I didn't have everything it called for, so I made do with what I had. Auntie Knitter, Uncle Auntie, and Skiing Grampy all really enjoyed it. Phew! No picture because, as you all know, I do not have a camera. Tonight, however, I have one AND I have a picture of THUMBS!!!

I am in Massachusetts and there is TONS of snow here! About 3-4 feet an it's just stunning! Skiing Grampy lives on a little mountain in a little town in Western Mass, surrounded by woods. His house is my absolute favorite place in the world to be. Ever. Upon my arrival, a beautiful family of 6 deer greeted me in the backyard. I'm assuming they are terribly hungry as everything is covered with snow.

It's breathtaking in any season. Today was no exception and I took advantage of the delightful temperature! It was 32!!! I bundled up in hopes of hiking in the woods. The fact that the snow was waist-high in the lowest areas really kept me at bay. It was oh so hard to go very far, so instead, I made snow angels. Auntie Athletic brought me snowshoes and tomorrow I'm DOING IT!!!

Onto dinner. Auntie Knitter made a wonderful salad and I made a Seitan Stroganoff from The Kripalu Cookbook. Of course I subbed the milk for almond milk and the butter for Earth Balance and omitted the cream just added more almond milk. Auntie Knitter went to Kripalu for a retreat and purchased the book. She has no plans of becoming vegan or vegetarian so the book is now MINE ;)

Tonights meal didn't go over as well as last nights. Both Uncle Auntie and Auntie Athletic enjoyed it, Auntie Athletic is an ovo/lacto vegetarian, however. Skiing Grampy and Auntie Knitter had issues with the texture, which as you all know, I completley understand. I had made the seitan via this recipe. I attempted to really really brown it in order to get the slight "mush" out of it, but....

Skiing Grampy is the only thumbs down ;) Knitter Auntie is the halfsies. Uncle Auntie, Auntie Athletic, and myself were all thumbs up!!

Now, I was going to make a Seitan Stew with all the leftover seitan (because I made a TON!!), but I'm not so sure now. Is Seitan bakeable? Will that fix the somewhat mushy texture? It was by no means mushy like tofu and IMO it was pretty firm. I really don't want this to go to waste, though.

All for now. Hopefully the family is eating what I've planned for them ;)

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  1. I would think baking would help it. Glad you are having a good time!