Friday, February 11, 2011

Bela Vegetarian NOHO

WOW! Knitter Auntie and I had the most amazing lunch this afternoon. We had planned to go to Northampton today, it's a great little town. Fun shops, talented local artists, and delicious food. I was in charge of picking the lunch spot and I found Bela Vegetarian via Happy Cow.

The restaurant was small and cute, maybe 8 or so tables, and a constant stream of customers. 1 adorable waitress and 1 amazingly talented chef. Knitter Auntie started with a side salad that was OUT OF THIS WORLD topped with a homemade Sunflower Parsley dressing. It was so good, I swear I could drink it.

I ordered the Tempeh with Collards, and a Sherry Curry Lo Mein. Knitter Auntie ordered the Cajun Beans & Rice.

Both dishes had such amazing flavor and I really wish I had the vocabulary of a food critic to properly express my excitement. Unfortunately, I don't and you'll just have to take my word that they were 2 of the best meals I've ever had.

I deliberately saved half of my lunch so I had room for dessert. Oh, yes! They also have dessert.

The first was Auntie's. A yummy yummy Baclava Walnut Tart made with agave!! She got the homemade whipped cream on the side. I opted for chocolate. Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache. Our lovely waitress also asked if I wanted the homemade whip, "Thank you, no." I replied. "We do have a vegan whip, it's just not homemade, if you'd like." she said. Ummm, YES!!!! Dessert was amazing. I want to set up a cot in the back and just move in. When I return to MA in the summer, I will be back with bells on and kids in tow. Thank you, Bela Vegetarian. Our lunch was fantastic. We will return.

On the kid front, tonight was the Father/Daughter dance at school. It was a Hoe Down LOL, so the girls and The Dad got their cowboy/cowgirl on and danced the night away.

They have been managing without me and The Dad wrote one blog dinner that I am aware of, but has yet to post. Kid 3 appears to be the one who is really missing me the most. And, yeah, I kinda miss them, too ;)

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