Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alfredo, wha?

Today was hard for me. Not really sure why. The Dad and I went to Jason't Deli for lunch today and all I really wanted was a Reuben smothered in cheese and huge bowl of chicken pot pie soup. I didn't, however. I ordered a salad bar and a cup of vegetable soup. The salad really didn't do anything for me today. Maybe it was a mind set thing or maybe it was too cold?  Dunno. Their garlic toast and hummus are really yummy AND vegan!!! :D I needed to do something quick for dinner since I didn't have the mojo to be in the kitchen all day, so I made Pasta Alfredo. Oh yes I did! I was extremely nervous about this one. I mean REALLY REALLY nervous. Couldn't let the kids see that, though. I made The Dad try it first and he thought it was great. You just really shouldn't mess with Alfredo. It's sooooo good. I was very reluctant to try it, but I did, without complaint. What was this cheese sauce made of, you ask? Oh, um, silken tofu and nutritional yeast. Sounds nasty, right????

I kinda followed this recipe, but I added 3tbs nutritional yeast and soy milk. I didn't use more than 3 tsp of olive oil for the garlic. Next time I will toss in some Earth Balance to make it a little more creamy/buttery. I think I left it on the stove a little too long as it started to get a little curdled (I had it on the lowest setting for about 20 minutes total). Didn't affect the taste AT ALL, but it looked a little funny before dumping it on the pasta. After all was said and done, I enjoyed it. I was able to get past the fact that it wasn't a true cream sauce and all was right with the world. 

Kid 3 hated it, said it tasted like ranch dressing. Kid 2 said, and I quote "this is awesome!". Kid 1 and Kid 4 ate it with ketchup (ummm really gross!). 

I'm supposed to leave this family on Thursday to go "home". Home is in Massachusetts. Not sure if you've heard about this little snowstorm the entire country is getting hit with or not, but I'm telling you right now, it had better NOT mess up my travel plans. Hopefully The Dad will keep this thing updated. I've made meal time fairly easy for him. No new experimental meals will be had, all tried and true and EASY. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get the heck outta here!!! 


  1. doesn't sound nasty to me, ha! love the thumbs - fun idea!

  2. Wow, a brand new vegan family! I look forward to reading your blog. Love the thumbs up, down, and sideways photos, awesome idea.

    We are a mostly vegan family of 5...100% vegan at home, but the kids do eat dairy at school or friends' houses sometimes, and I'm not strict about trace ingredients when I'm out. My kids have all been vegetarian since birth but we went vegan when they were older.

    I'm bookmarking your blog!

  3. Thanks to both of you! I'm having so much fun in the kitchen!